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Mesogios Hotel
Mesogios Hotel
Rep. Moldova, or. Chisinau, str. Armeneasca, 23

Prezentare generala

Our hotel was built in 2002 and the extension finished in August 2008 by adding another 11 rooms making a total number of 19 rooms. The decor welcoming you in the lobby and throughout is fashionable, vibrant and infused with the latest technology. Guests can choose to stay in rooms with bright colors or more subtly styled rooms.

The double bed rooms and suites are equipped with small kitchen facilities. We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our guests and making them feel at home from the instant they step through our doors. We will do our best to accommodate your needs in any way possible.

Цены (номер / день)

Номер для одного человека 65 EURO 1167.46 MDL
Двухместный номер 80 EURO 1436.87 MDL
Номер Twin 75 EURO 1347.07 MDL
Номер с отдельной спальней 95 EURO 1706.29 MDL
The prices in EUR are updated daily according to the exchange rate of the RNB
The last price update was on: 2011-05-20 16:43:34


Группы до 30 человек
Помещение для завтрака
Парковка для автобусов
Холодильник для гостей
Комната для семьи
Открыт круглый год
Парковка для автомобилей
Меню на нескольких языках
Беспроводный интернет
Зал для конференций
Прокат автомобилей


-Eurocard/ Mastercard
-На Счет
-EC-Cash/ Maestro