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Our company enjoys a stable and lasting partnerships that have established implimentării Tourist Informator project in Moldova, with partners who believe in the necessity of its enlargement, which share common values ​​and vision that our team is deeply grateful to them.

NWG Concept S.R.L. România

NWG CONCEPT is located in Romania as one of the first companies to develop a project and tourist information in real time and managed to impose itself on the market with a network of tourist infokiosks. Moreover, through a joint partnership that implemented the system we succeeded in Moldova, being adapted and refined to local market requirements, we interconnected databases and promote a common regional deproduse package.

Moldcell Company

Moldcell - a dynamic GSM operator, aims to satisfy its customers by offering them high quality products and services. Infrastructure and high tech equipment, skilled personnel, experience and company support was essential in order to fulfill part of communication, voice and GPRS data transmission project as a sponsor exclusive Moldcell Tourist Informator.

Chisinau City Hall

Our partnership with local government is an important element in the implementation of the project, openness to modern projects of social and audience facilitated the installation of the first tourist information kiosk even close to the Town Hall in general, but also contributed to the removal of barriers technical nature, such as connection to electricity. We believe that the constructive nature of this partnership will be developed further.

Academy of Sciences of Moldova

Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM) is the only public institution of national interest in science and innovation, the plenipotentiary coordinator of scientific activity and innovation - as the country's highest scientific - scientific advisor of the government of the Republic of Moldova . Partnership with ASM provides a system to facilitate implimentării users can watch video in real-time images from the center of Chisinau weather or traffic.