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Information de Moldavie

The Republic of Moldova lies in the central part of Europe in the northeastern Balkans. Moldova occupies an area of 33,843.5 km2. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. On the North, East and South Moldova is surrounded by Ukraine, and on the West it is separated from Romania by the Prut River.

Although it has a small area, the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination has a great potential represented first of all by the geomorphologic aspect of its territory – an unusual diversity of landscape reservations or scenery and unique geological monuments of European and world value.

The culture of the Republic of Moldova represents a large gamut of cultural activities: literature, theatre, music, fine arts, architecture, cinematography, broadcasting and television, photographic art, design, circus, folk art, archives and libraries, books editing, scientific research, cultural tourism and so on. The Republic of Moldova has an important cultural inheritance of incontestable value: archeological sites, dwelling houses, country estates, fortresses, cloisters / monasteries and churches, monumental art works, monuments and technical equipment, building ensembles – squares, streets, quarters, villages and urban centers or traditional architecture ethnographic areas.

Moldova is an integral part of Europe and has a rich history. This country is situated in the contact zone between different cultural and historic trends – Carpathian-Balkan, Central-European and Eurasian, and during its multi-millennial history harmoniously absorbed diverse cultural traditions of Proto-Indo-Europeans and archaic Indo-European peoples, including the Thracians, Slavs, Celts, Goths, Huns, etc., thus obtaining specific and unparalleled features.


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Moldova brièvement

The Republic of Moldova lies in the central part of Europe in the northeastern Balkans. Moldova occupies an area of 33,843.5 km2. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau with 800000 inhabitants. The relief of the country represents a hilly plain sloping from the northwest to the southeast and having an average elevation of around 147 m above the sea level. The central part is occupied by Codrii »»»

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