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"Taverna Sarbului" Restaurant
Sinaia, Str. Calea
Codrului nr. 39/C
  0726 353 353

Prezentare generala



As the Serbians are famous for the way they prepare the meat, its freshness needs to be of the highest quality and standards.


The sausage-makers, the butchers and other professionals are working all day long so as to offer fresh and tender meat so that the exigent chef has the raw materials to prepare the most delicious dishes for his/her guests. We select the tenderest parts of the animal so that our visitors always realize that it is our custom to receive them with the best treats and not with meat bought from any butcher at random.


As vegetables are also picked at the market so that they are fresh and tasty, the meat needs to be also tender and fresh. Thus we choose every piece carefully so that it has no discoloration or any damages and that it can serve as a joy to the tongue.

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