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1. "Valea Dorului 1" Ski Track
Ski slopes and trails
Judetul Prahova, Sinaia

Prezentare generala


Amateur and professional skiers, as well as snowboarders, should respect the following rules and behaviour commandments

  1. Skiing should be performed in such a way that does not put in jeopardy or danger the life of another skier, or to cause any prejudices to the others;
  2. The skier should adapt his speed and his proper manner of skiing in accordance with his technical knowledge, physical state, snow layer conditions, slope's degree of difficulty, weather conditions, and traffic conditions on the slope;
  3. The skier should choose carefully his trajectory of descent, having in mind all the time the protection of the skiers located in the lower part of the slope;
  4. The skier should overpass the other skier located in the lower part of the slope either on the right side, or on the left side, the only one condition being that this overpass should be large enough in order to avoid any sudden and unexpected evolution of the one to be over passed;
  5. The skier should ensure himself, through an attentive exam of the slope traffic, from both upper and lower areas, that him as well as the other skiers are not in any kind of danger when crossing the slope  or starting again the descent after a temporary stop on the slope;
  6. The skier should avoid standing on the slope, especially in the narrower parts of it, or in those that lack in visibility. In case of a fall, the skier should clear the slope as quickly as possible;
  7. The skier should use only the boundaries of the slope, when he or she is forced to go up or to come down on foot;
  8. The skier should take in account the signaling systems and the marking buoys installed on the  ski slopes and trails;
  9. The skier should inform the mountain rescue team in case of an accident that occurred to another skier and to give support in transporting the injured skier;
  10. The skier should decline his identity to the qualified persons, when he has been eye witness to an accident, or when he provoked one. 

U S E F U L  T E L E P H O N E S:

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