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Tourism Trail No. 20
Hiking trails

Prezentare generala


  • Before leaving on any trip, get information on the desired itinerary, on the degree  of difficulty of the trail, weather forecast and the schedule of cable transport facilities.
  • Got to the mountains well equipped with fit gear and always carry a map of the area.Don?t forget to put in your knapsack the flashlight with fresh batteries and a first-aid kit. Take also some sweets, fruits and water.
  • Avoid traveling alone.
  • Before leaving from a chalet, inform the chalet-keeper on the trail you wish to take and register yourselves in the Tourists Traffic Register.
  • Choose the trails considering the physical and mental condition of the weakest person in the group.
  • Take only the marked trails. Follow the markings and the signs along the trail.
  • Should difficulties emerge on the trail, or weather gets bad, don't hesitate to take shelter at the nearest chalet.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages before and during hiking trips.
  • Do not damage tourist facilities, markings and signs.
  • Be respectful to the natural monuments and protected areas.
  • Do not dump waste in mountain area.
  • Do not build fires in the forest and on the alpine pastures.
  • In the event of an accident, take quick and efficient action in order to protect and secure the injured person. Call the mountain rescue service immediately, indicating the following: what has happened, how many person need help, the time when the accident occurred, and the place where the injured persons are to be found.
  • If you lose your way, keep the group together. Stay awake and aware. Keep moving in place, in order to avoid hypothermia. Do not drink alcohol. Call immediately the mountain rescue service.
  • Trust the licensed mountain guides and the members of the mountain rescue service.