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"Sf. Ierarh Nicolae" grek-chatolic Church
Religious buildings
Str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 1
  0740 605 789

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Sf. Ierarh Nicolae grek-chatolic Church

The construction of the church begins in 1800 when the greek-catholic bishop Ignatie Darabant demolished the little greek-catholic church and started the construction of a cathedral. The building's base is in cross shape, it has a domed ceiling and a cupola painted with acts of the Bible. The baroque roof of the tower was finished in1803 and it was burned twice in 1836 and 1907. The current aspect was conceived by Giovani Quai and executed between 1910-1912. Since 1948 the cathedral have become Sf. Ierarh Nicolae's orthodox church, in 2004 after the retrocession greek-catholic church.