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The Fortress of Oradea
Palaces and historical vestiges
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The Fortress of Oradea

The fortress of Oradea how it is today - pentagonal, with battlements at its corners and water ditch - was built between 1570-1618 by Italian architects remained the best kept Italian renaissance fortress of central Europe.
Since 1557 the role of the fortress had become strictly military being attacked by the Tartars (1241), Turks (1474, 1598, 1658, 1660), Transylvanian revolutionaries (1290, 1514, 1664, 1703-1710), armies of the Transylvanian Principality (1557, 1603) and by the Austrians (1692). The fortress had been besieged without any success for 5 weeks by the Turks. The Oradeans had on their side the reign of the Romanian Country Mihai Viteazul as well as the weather. The rains were flooded into the Turkish camps and the illnesses decimated them. Today we are witnesses of the restorations of the fortress.