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Aurel Vlaicu International Airport
S.N Aeroportul International Bucuresti Baneasa S.A.
Sector 1,
Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti nr. 40
  021 230 56 07

Prezentare generala


Considering the development of Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport   in the last years, our goal is to continue supporting the “low cost” companies that already function at this airport, and also by supporting those that desire to operate from Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.


The diversification of the flight routes of the “low cost” companies will create the opportunity for a growing number of people to choose and travel with these companies on various destinations, in and outside the EU. All these aspects are very important in the development of Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport and for the strengthening of its position as the airport dedicated to such flights.


Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, has in mind finding the most optimal solutions for streamlining passenger traffic, so as to constitute a factor of trust for all partners: passengers, airline companies and ground handling, as well as other categories of partners interested in the smooth progress of the activity on this airport. In this regard, we have in mind on one hand, to continuously enhance the quality of the services provided, and the safety of flights, but also the protection of services and environment.