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The Transport Police
Public administration
Ministerul Administraþiei ºi Internelor
Sector 5,
B-dul Regina Elisabeta nr. 83-85
  021 336 22 55

Prezentare generala

General Overview

The emergence and evolution of the Transport Police in Romania is closely connected not only to the development of the other police structures but also to the expansion of the communication media in our country as a result of a need for secure and fast commercial links between the western and eastern sides of the continent and even further, toward the Orient.

The Directorate of Transport Police operates through specific means with about 11380 km of railway, 1253 railway stations, 50 locomotive sheds, 120 railcar services, 1842 daily passenger trains, a network made of 1690 km of navigable waterways out of which 1075 km are international, on the Danube, 91 km of artificial navigation ways with 35 ports out of which 3 are seaports, including the Port of Constanta, as well as a network of 17 airports, from which 8 are open to international freight and passenger transport.