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Ministry of Economy and Finance
Public administration
Sector 5,
Str. Apolodor nr. 17
  021 319 97 59

Prezentare generala

General Overview

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has commonly the following responsibilities:

In the field of public finances:

- Suggests long- and medium- term development strategies and reform solutions in the field of public finances;

- Sets up methodologies for the elaboration of state budget projects, state social insurances, special funds and local budget projects;

- Analyzes the way public funds and/or public property are used and/or administered;

- Outline the necessary measures for the management of revenues and the limitation of the expenditures in order to fit into the approved budget deficit.


In the field of economy:

-  Outlines long- and medium-term development strategies and reform solutions in the field of economy;

-  Coordinates and controls the implementation of the economic laws;
-  Formulates and promotes bills concerning the regulation of the activities in the field of economy and approves the bills submitted by other specialist organs of the central public administration.