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Bucharest City Hall
Public administration
Sector 5,
Bd. Regina Elisabeta nr. 47
  021 305 55 55

Prezentare generala

General Overview

The mission of the Bucharest City Hall:

To create and offer the chance of professional and personal fulfilment to the citizens of Bucharest.

To develop and maintain the city’s
infrastructure; the economic, social, municipal and natural environment consistent with the level of exigency of the great European capitals.

To strongly support and contribute to the well- functioning of the transportation systems, public utilities, social assistance, healthcare, education, information and education, encouragement of culture and the arts, promotion of sport and entertainment media.

To encourage the development of the community, to guarantee safety, comfort and wide-ranging services designed for a multitude of lifestyles, respecting and anticipating the citizens’ freedom of choice.

has to be the place where people accomplish their aspirations, live a good quality life and a place that they happily call “home”…