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G. Alexandrescu Emergency Childrens Hospital
Ministerul Sanatatii Publice
Sector 1,
B-dul I. de Hunedoara nr. 30
  021 316 93 66

Prezentare generala



Bucharest “Grigore Alexandrescu” Emergency Children's Hospital, is the oldest children's hospital in Romania and Balkans, being founded around the year 1857, by Alexandru Dimitrie Ghica, "Caimacam" of Wallachia.


Medical services:

  •  Infant cardiology

  •  Gastroenterology

  •  Surgical department

  •  Infant Urology

  •  Orthopaedics and traumatology

  •  Acute dialysis

  •  Plastic surgery and repairing

  •  Radiology and medical imaging

  •  Clinical laboratory

  •  ATI

  •  Toxicology