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Count Dracula Club
Sector 5,
Splaiul Independentei nr. 8A
  021 31 21 353

Prezentare generala


Medieval Room 

This room brings you back in time 500 years ago to the history of the Draculesti family, a heritage of which the count is very proud.


Transilvanian Room


The Count’s Castle from the Bargaului Gorge is in a corner of Transylvania. The room recreates in detail the atmosphere of this ancient province of Romania which has inspired a lot of fairy tales about witches and haunted castles! Here the chairs are sculpted manually, the cutlery is from the famous Ceramics of Corund, the ceilings have wooden tiles, the walls are decorated with pottery, ceramic objects, witch clothes and ritual masks, all have the role of transposing the guest into the atmosphere of those times during the count’s lifetime.   

Hunting Room 

Another room of the famous club is the hunter’s room. Here we find a rich collection of trophies gathered around the forests which enclose the Castle. The fur of wolf, of a wild cat, of a boar and a Carpathian bear, are trophies preserved by the Count’s hunter, each of them embroiding the walls, next to the supreme trophy: the head of royal stag.

This is the collection of a man who lived and hunted in the region Bargaului Pass where Count Dracula had his castle. What else could fit better to this atmosphere than tables carved in massif wood and chairs coated with black wool coverings.

The Cellar 

From the Library, the corridor leads us to the main bar „The Cellar” where on shelves built in bricks the old wine collection of the Count completes its taste.


The Library


On a narrow ladder on which walls are studded with photos from the film that inspired the pub, we go down to the semi-basement of the building where we find the atmosphere of the XIX century London – a real London Pub – as this was the place where the count had met Mina, his true love.


The Alchemical Bar


The transfusion, the Fire Circle, Borgo Pass Special ... Place of exotic experiments, entices to experiment a various range of strange cocktails besides the usual.

The Chapel 

Behind a secrete door there is the Chapel where aside tables and chairs, you find also a box with earth from Transylvania, brought from the vaults of Count Dracula. This is the resting place over day of the frightful Dracula. 


On this level there is a corridor called „The Library”, guarding information about Bucharest, of great use for the Count on his travelling.

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