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Romanian Senate
Palaces and historical vestiges
Sector 5,
Calea 13 Septembrie nr. 1-3
  021 402 11 11

Prezentare generala

Short History of the Romanian Senate

The institution of the Romanian Senate has a long tradition, the first moderating body in the history of the constitutional Romania being established by the “Developer of the Paris Convention of 7/19 August, 1858”, adopted by the Romanian Ruler, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, on   3/15 July, 1864. In the terms of the Unification of the Principalities, was necessary imposing a constitutional act that would define the new political status of the country, creating at the same time, democratic institutions able to ensure the functioning of the state. By the Developing Status were defined powers of the Ruler, and at the same time, switched from the unicameral system, stipulated by Organic Regulation (1831) and the Paris Convention (1858) to bicameral system, in which the power is exercised in a collective manner by the Ruler, Elective Assembly, and Senate (moderating body).