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Restaurant-Garden "Sirul Vamii"
Str. Muresenilor nr. 18
  0268 477 725

Prezentare generala


SIRUL VAMII Restaurant, an expert in international cuisine, offers a wide range of Italian cuisine plates, fine French cuisine specialities, Romanian traditional food and Belgian specialties in a private, clean and hospitable place, among distinguish guests: artists, advertisers or journalists to cut it short, we can say that SIRUL VAMII Restaurant is a place where you can  intelligently enjoy a good meal!

SIRUL VAMII Restaurant disposes of 100 seats at 21 tables, out of which 5 tables for 2 persons, 10 tables for 4 persons, 2 tables for 6 persons, 2 tables for 8 persons, one table for 10 persons and one table for 12 persons. The seats are both on the terrace and on the ground floor.

Highly qualified and servable personnel waits on the guests. 6 to 8 persons, according to the number of guests, attend the guests from both the ground floor and the terrace. They are all selected and hired on professional competency grounds; they know the international waiting standards from the most famous restaurants, they speak different foreign languages and they have one goal in mind: your satisfaction and comfort.

The restaurant is opened every day from 12.00 to 24.00 hours.

In the evenings, starting with 20.00 oclock, you can enjoy soft piano music played by the maestro Radu Odesteanu. Meanwhile, youll be accompanied by EVERGREEN music, equally enjoyed by everybody! In other words, the good music, style and refinement contribute to creating a unique atmosphere, hard to encounter in other places and more importantly, hard to forget. Once youve been our guest, we are sure, you will come again!

The restaurants kitchen offers you the possibility of choosing among 150 different Romanian or international cuisine plates, but we also offer specially prepared meals on your request. 35 types of aperitifs, 15 traditional Italian plates with pasta, 15 kinds of soups, 57 main courses, 23 kinds of deserts.

The bar inside the restaurant satisfies the most refined tastes with over 100 kinds of drinks waiting to be enjoyed: 23 types of whiskey and the house delight the best sorts of Romanian wines from the most famous vineyards, both very expensive or affordable. 

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