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Poiana Brasov
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Judetul Brasov

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Poiana Brasov

Tourist resort of national interest.

Poiana Braov is situated at the foot of Mount Postvarul, at an altitude of 1020 m. One can reach there by car from Braov City or by bus (line 20) from Livada Postei. It is a 12-kilometer trip. In the resort tourists can get accommodation in two, three and four-star hotels and boarding houses.

The winter resort benefits from several winter sports facilities: ski slopes, cable transport installations (drag lifts, cable cars and gondola lifts). There are equipment rent centres for winter sports, bicycles, scooters and other means of transport used for entertainment.

Places to visit on Mount Postvarul: Petera de Lapte (The Milky Cave), Pietrele lui Solomon (Solomons Cliffs), Muchia Cheii (Itvig Steep), Templul Idolilor (The Idols Temple) (Bisericua Pgânilor Pagans Church) and Tâmpa Reservation. The trail Poiana Braov Mount Cristianul Mare is attended by two cable cars that take 5-6 minute travels from one terminal to the other.

The first chalet on Mount Postvarul was built in 1883, and the first ski competition in Romania was held here in 1906. However the first skiers climbed Mount Postvarul in 1895. In 1951 the outfits and installations that existed at the time made possible the organization of the World University Winter Games. The resort has known its most significant flourishing for the last 30 or 40 years: new hotels have been built and new slopes and cable transport installations have appeared. There are 9 slopes and 7 such installations nowadays.