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Bucuria-Sind sanatoriom from Vadul lui Voda

Country: Moldova      Region: Central Region

The Sanatorium lies in one of the most attractive regions of Moldova. The main orientation of the sanatorium is treating cardiovascular diseases.

Sanatorium has comfortable single, double, LUX rooms, clinic, cafeteria, bar, movie and concert hall, library, sauna, gym. 

Travel and tourism lovers are invited to discover the most beautiful destinations in Moldova through organized tours in the sanatorium.
 Treatment methods:
- Climatoterapia;
- Massage;
- Dietotherapy (including menu);
- Dentistry;
- Treatment with mineral water;
- Curative gymnastics;
- Herbal;
- Curative Spa;
Qualified personnel involved in the sanatorium ensure guests rest and treatment to the highest and affordable standards .
Special offers from "Joy-Sind"