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Prutul de Jos natural rezervation

Country: Moldova      Region: South Region


"Prutul de Jos" state natural reservation is created on Beleu lake, which is a relief of the Danubian freshwater shore, formed in a depression of the Prut river meadow, located west of the village Slobozia Mare. Lake Beleu is a great interest as a natural monument of great scientific value, cultural and aesthetic. Currently the water level in Lake Beleu largely depends on water level of Danube, respectively, of the Prut River, and varies depending on spring and summer floods. 

On the rest of the teritory is growing reed, and grassy meadows characteristic to flooded valeys. In northern and northeastern Lake, where tidal zone is high, there is accumulation of alluvial deposits, creating favorable conditions for development of reed (Phragmites australis) and cattail (Typha angustifolia). The water level in the lake depends on water level of Danube and Prut. 

It is proposed that the reservation should be included in the Danube Delta Biosphere. Some specialists say that the lake is a relic of the Danube, like the Lake Brates, right on the Prut.  The surface of the lake with wather deep of 1m is 22.5 ha. The minimum water volume was 8.39, average depth - 0.5 to 1.5 m, maximum depth - 2 m length - 5 km, and width of 2 km. 

In 1990 the lake Beleu dried up completely and in 1991, heavy rains followed from June 20 to September 10, with minor interruptions, covering not only waters surrounding the lake, but almost all of the lower meadow of the Prut . Water is constantly in communication with the three streams Prut River catchment: Manolescu, Popovca and Bugaiov, and two exhaust streams - Rotaru and Seines which are located in the south-east of the lake. The climate here is warm, moderate-continental, with average air temperature of 9 degrees C. Winter frosts continue until late February, sometimes till early March and the first frosts of autumn appear in the third decade of November. Beleu Lake has a great significance not only for the republic, but also for neighboring states as a place where many birds have their habitate. It's pretty rich also the diversity of plants. 

In 2006 the scientific reservation "Prutul de Jos" was affected by illegal cutting and grazing animals.Reservation is located on the territory of oil exploitation wells and oil extracting operator does not ensure full compliance with environmental requirements.