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Moldova Romania

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Iagorlic natural reservation

Country: Moldova      Region: South Region

Reservation includes 877 hectares - land and 270 - waters. It has aquatic and terrestrial ecologycal systems where have been createschemad perfect reproduction conditions for plants and animals. The scientific investigations of V.Chirtoaca, A.Istrati, A.Negru have emphasized 719 vascular plants within the reservation and they belong to the following systematic groups: Equisetophyta - 3 species, Polypodiophyta - 3 species, Pinophyta - 1 sp, Magnoliophyta 712 sp, trees - 33 sp, bushes - 36 sp, lians - 1 sp, herbs - 644 sp.

There have been discovered 50 rare species. There are 23 species of fishes, 29 species of mamals, 121 species of birds. Rares species: Spermophilus citelus, Mustela erminea, Coronella austriaca, Emys orbicularis. There are birds species includes in Red Book of Moldova: Cygnus olor, Pandion haliaetus, Circus cyaneus.