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"Emil Racovita" Cave

Country: Moldova      Region: North Region

One of the biggest caves in the world is situated in Criva village in the Edinet district (about 265 km north of Chisinau). The length of the underground galleries is more than 89,000 m and they are on several levels. The cave is considered to be on the 3rd largest gypsum cave in the world and the 8th in terms of the length of its underground paths.

The cave was discovered in 1959 after an explosion in the gypsum quarry in the Criva. Specialists discovered here caverns: "Cinderella’s Hall", "Columns Hall", "Dacia’s Hall", "100 m. Hall", and numerous galleries, which form a real underground labyrinth, where you can get lost very easily. There are two big wells inside the cavern, which are the only links to the next levels. The abundant water floods some galleries permanently Almost 20 underground lakes were also discovered: "Blue Lake", "Dinosaurs Lake", "Nautilus Lake" etc., which, according to hydro-chemical analysis, are rich in minerals and can have a curative effect on the human body.

A curiosity present in the cave, which is hard to understand, is the fact that each hall and gallery has a delicate clay lining of different colours: green, blue, red, black, white, etc. The cave can be visited in small groups with an experienced guide. Each person must have special equipment. The underground tunnels do not have trail markers.