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Museum of Studying Bender region

Country: Moldova      Region: Central Region

The museum is hosted in an old building, kept in a good condition. The permanent exhibitions of the  Museum dedicated to studying region of Bender are structured by Soviet criteria. There is an exhibition dedicated to the period 1917-1940, interprated as Romanian occupation period.

Next exhibition is devoted to the Second World War - the formula used in the text of the exhibition is the Great Patriotic War. The exhibition reflects the years 1941-1944, to the year 1941 is linked German and Romanian troops invasion in Bessarabia, qualified in the exhibition texts as Romanian-fascist occupation and the year 1944 is the year of Iasi-Chisinau operation, when - according to the text and guide's interpretation  - Bender have been released.
The texts accompanying the exhibition are in Russian. In the exhibition are not missing Soviet origin weapons, but also military clothing items that belonged to soldiers coming from Bender or its surroundings. An important place in the exhibition is reserved for those who fought the Soviet Army, presented as "heroes" of the war and "liberators."