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Nation Memorial Museum

Country: Moldova      Region: Chisinau Region

Nation Memorial Museum is situated in a flats block. It is a private museum, opened in 2002 at the initiative of V. Pirogan, which steps - including the purchase of the space, opening of the museum, museum exhibitions, etc.  - were supported by those who were victims of the Stalinist regime.

Nation Memorial Museum has a permanent exhibition dedicated to all representatives of different social groups who opposed in the '40s and '50s of the twentieth century Soviet occupation regime and who were deported by their anti-Soviet and pto-romanian actions, imprisoned, many of them died in Siberia. Is the only museum of its kind from Moldova, the exhibits does not contain objects or signs belonging to Soviet army or Soviet power. The core of the exhibition is the man from Basarabia - victim of the dictatorial Bolshevik regime. Exhibits include photographs of Bessarabians deported to Siberia, photographs of those arrested for their anti-Soviet views, camps where detainees were "enemies of Soviet power" etc..
The exhibition contains updated exhibits - including images captured in the late 80s, in the context of the Moldovan national movement - which shows that Stalin's atrocities were not forgiven, and Stalin's victims - were not forgotten.