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Museum of History and Ethnography from Orhei

Country: Moldova      Region: Central Region

The building is a former neo-Romanian style villa, kept In a good condition. A hall of the Museum - destinated to the second world war - hosts an exhibition well structured, the exhibits are accompanied by texts in Romanian and Russian.

The core of this exhibition is an inscription indicating the number of Basarabian participants  in the war and those killed during the fightings. One of the compartments of the exhibition reflects the effects of Ribentrop-Molotov Pact and the tragic day for June 28, 1940 for Bessarabia, clearly underlining that Bessarabia was occupied and forcibly annexed to the Soviet Union.
A special place in the exhibition is reserved to the victims of Stalinist repression. Traditional and specific to any museum, Orhei museum is presenting various types of weapons used in the Second World War. Exhibition does not lake the information on the consequences of war and the situation of Orhei at the end of the war.