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Museum of History and Ethnography from Balti

Country: Moldova      Region: North Region

The museum, established in 1960, had during its existance several places. From February 12, 2004 Museum of History and Ethnography lied on Lapusneanu street, in a modern building type, incompatible with the purpose and significance of the institution (museum) that host it.

Exhibition dedicated to the historical memory of the Holocaust: the museum from Balti lacks - because of the space - a permanent exhibition destinated to the war. At the insistence of local authorities were organized regular temporary thematic exhibitions. They were organized on holidays with Soviet / communist significance, in particular at May 9 - classified by authorities as a day of Victory.
Temporary exhibition available to visitors from Balti on May 9, 2009 offered several categories of exhibits. The most commonly used exhibits were weapons and objects indispensable to any soldier, military clothes, campaign / field telephones, propaganda materials aimed to strengthen the Soviet concept of the "Great Patriotic War", etc.. A signifient place is  reserved to the exhibition "War Heroes", those who fought in the Soviet army and brought "victory".