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Muzeul Serviciului Vamal

Country: Moldova      Region: Chisinau Region
On November 28, 2007 by order of the Moldovan Customs Service was founded museum institution where are kept the old objects marking the foundation and history. The museum is situated inside of the Moldovan Customs Service, in a special room placed samples of archeology, ethnology and folklore, philately, history, numismatics, technology, etc..
Customs Service Museum tends to be universal, but it looks classic, it hosts moments of history. Mr. Petru Costin, lieutenant colonel of Customs Service, become the curator of the museum which is open to anyone who wans to visit it. He enthusiastically collect, preserve, identify, catalog, analyse, maintain, preservу and display objects and artifacts, which are of great scientific and historical interest.
Since founding the Museum, the Book of Honor have over 200 inscriptions and over 5000 visitors. During the two years numerous collections, weapons, working tools, flags and banners, medals, documents and customs related caps from over 50 countries, over 300 military uniforms and customs, icons and many other unique pieces have been admired visitors.
Highest performance is the recommendation of the Hungary in the frame of World Customs Museum Community Assembly, which was organized on September 9 to 11, 2009 in Liverpool - United Kingdom, to include the Customs Service Museum of the Republic Moldova as a member of this international body.