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Museum of Archeology and Ethnography

Country: Moldova      Region: Chisinau Region

The first archaeological exhibition was founded in 1958 at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Soon after, in 1977 around 800 thousand pieces, of which over 10 thousand of the fund are deposited in the current building, built in the nineteenth century by the architect A. Bernardazzi, located in the heart of the capital, on Banulescu - Bodoni, 35.

In the museum can be made a trip to different periods of development of humanity (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, copper and stone, bronze, iron) in the area between the Nistru and Prut. In the museum are arranged several illustrative views . Construction of Museum  Building consists of stone and partly plastered house with a basement building is marked on the main facade crowned by a triangular portal.

Emphasis portal is based on two half columns of the Doric order (classical element) on which the entry arch is based. Above the door is a "Rondo" small window. Semicircular Arch is a priority  facade decoration, forming cornices under the roof and emphasizing windows  form. Demarcation levels is achieved through stone worked as a diamond pyramid. Althought the walls are plastered, the portal is highlighted because of the white color of polished stone.