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Adormirea Maicii Domnului Causeni Church

Country: Moldova      Region: Central Region

Situated 80 km south of Chisinau, the precise date of the construction of this, the only church in Basarabia with wall frescos, is not known, but there are several options. It might have appeared: in 1455, when Causeni was founded, in 1634-1653 during the reign of Vasile Lupu, Ruler of Moldova, or even later. Its actual shape dates from the reconstruction between 1763-1767.

Its inside is rich in wall painted frescos of the specific style of the late Romanian Hurez school. Next to the frescos with scenes featuring religious characters come the portraits of the church founders: Nicolae and Constantin Mavrocordat – Leaders of Moldova; Grigorie Alexandru Chica, Grigorie Callimachi, Bishop Proilavie Daniel, etc. An interesting fact is that the church is half buried in the ground. The explanation is found in a legend from the Tartar period. It says, that the Tartars allowed the building of Christian churches, which did not exceed the height of a solder on horseback. In the same area, just a couple of kilometres from Causeni, there are other places worth visiting, such as: “Al. Mateevici Museum” in Zaim; “The Waves of Trajan” at Copanca in Chircaesti, “Turkish Forest” and “Blind Nistru” at Talmaza, old “Gardens” at Popeasca, etc.