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Cricova underground wine city

Country: Moldova      Region: Central Region


A unique underground complex, the holder of the Order of the Republic of Moldova. Cricova winery is a company with a huge production potential. Moldova is the only company producing sparkling wines in accordance with French classical method - "Methode Champenoise".

In 2003 the factory was declared object of national cultural heritage. Wine racks width varies from 6 to 7.5 m and the height is 3 - 3.5 m. The deep where the cellars are located varies from 35 meters to input up to 60-80 m. Cellars, together with production zones occupies about 53 acres of underground space.

The unique exhibits, as "Jerusalem at Easter" liqueur "Ian Beher” (1902 harvest) together with other 158 marks from Burgundy, Moselle, Tokaji, Rhein can be found only here. At the moment, 465 wines, brandies and liquors, produced both within the country and abroad constitute precious treasure (around 1.3 million bottles) of wine collection fromCricova, as well as from the Republic of Moldova.