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Taul Park

Country: Moldova      Region: North Region

The biggest park in Moldova is situated in the middle of Taul village (about 200 km north the Chisinau). The park surrounded the stylish manor house of the Pommers family at the beginning of the XXth c. It represents one of the most successful works of the landscape architect I.Vladislavschi-Padalco, highly appreciated by the elite of those times.

The Park was designed in a specific manner, thus the main compositions consist of successive levels along the paths, which lead peacefully down to a picturesque valley with a small lake. The tree-collection comprises almost 150 species of trees, shrubs and climbers of almost 100 exotic types. Formally the Park was divided into two:

The upper level with the country seat of the Pommers and a dense network paths overflowing with diverse flower compositions, and the lower level, which reminiscent of a large forest with groups of trees characteristic to different geographical zones. Being the biggest park in Moldova it has an impressive network of 12.5 km of paths and trails. Admission to the Park is free.