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About Moldova

By car

By car

Travelling by car in Moldova is very simple, but the roads are a common problem because many of them are broken. Most major roads are quite satisfactory, however.

Do not forget the car acts at home! When driving on motorways without technical control, you risk driving insurance or receive a fine usturutoare, traffic police stations being everywhere.

Try local roads. The best way to know Moldova is, of course, to go to local roads. To ease the trip for you and find the best roads you can use a car navigator. And if for some reason you lose, people will be happy to help you find your way.

Speed ​​limits. For localities including cities, villages the speed limit is 50 km / h, inrurbane roads - 90 kilometers per hour.

Important trade:

  • Use of safety belts is compulsory everywhere
  • Use dipped beam is required at any time of day and night
  • The use of fog lamps is permitted only when visibility is reduced to less than 50 meters.
  • Mandatory equipment are required to have a warning triangle, first aid kit and reflective vest,
  • Between November and March cars must be equipped with winter tires or snow chains,
  • It is totally forbidden cosnumul of drunk driving!

Stations. Petrol stations can be found along roads and are open 24 / 7. All stations offer petrol and diesel, and some offer also GPL. The largest number of stations are operated by oil companies Petrom Lukiol flat.

Car rental. To rent a car, you must have at least 21 years and a driving license for at least two years. Some car rental companies require drivers to pay a surcharge for the young driver. Cars can be rented from specialized agencies in cities and airports. These include various types and brands of vehicles, the price ranging between 20-120 euro / day.