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About Moldova

The Republic of Moldova lies in the central part of Europe in the northeastern Balkans. Moldova occupies an area of 33,843.5 km2. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. On the North, East and South Moldova is surrounded by Ukraine, and on the West it is separated from Romania by the Prut River. Although it has a small area, the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination has a great potential »»»
Moldova offers exceptional sights and experiences for everyone, irrespective of when you visit. It would be difficult anywhere else to find so many sites of natural beauty, so many cultural highlights and so many ways of actively enjoying your free time in such a small area. Even if you already know a good part of the country, there is always something new to discover. Have a look at our »»»
We tried to gather the most relevant information for you to help you plan a trip to Moldova and to take advantage of this in an enjoyable and relaxing. There would be no difficulty in traveling to Moldova, because the location is accessible and even if you're from another country and not speak Romanian or Russian make sure it will not be an impediment. European character of the country and our »»»