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  • Population of Moldova

    Population of Moldova

    Moldova has a population of 3.4244 million and is one of the most densely populated country in Europe. Moldova is populated by different ethnic groups. Population structure by nationalities is as follows: Moldovans - 75.8%, Ukrainians - 8.4%, Russians - 5.9%, other ethnicities (Gagauz, Romanians, Bulgarians, Gypsies, Hebrew, etc.).. Much of the population lives in rural areas, urban »»»
  • Hramul Chişinăului

    Hramul Chişinăului

  • Gustar – ethno music festival, first edition.

    Gustar – ethno music festival, first edition.

    29 august 2010 Gustar – ethno music festival, 1st edition, invites the citizen of Moldova and foreign tourists to a multicultural dialogue. The event is taking place during the national holidays in the month of august. People call it gustar, archaic word that symbolizes the month when most of the fruits including grapes are ripe and are tasted. Gustar – ethno music festival »»»
  • Collection of Moldova maps

    Collection of Moldova maps

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  • Glodeni


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