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Information über das Land

We tried to gather the most relevant information for you to help you plan a trip to Moldova and to take advantage of this in an enjoyable and relaxing. There would be no difficulty in traveling to Moldova, because the location is accessible and even if you're from another country and not speak Romanian or Russian make sure it will not be an impediment.

European character of the country and our people's friendship will pleasantly surprise you.!

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Moldova borders Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east, and is with them customs crossing points which allow the movement by car or buses. To enter the country first needed a valid international passport and entry visa if necessary. If you want to know about the arrangements for bringing the goods you can see below the list of products and affordable quantities, and if traveling with »»»

Wie man dort

It's easy to travel to Moldova with any means of transport. The easiest is obviously to use your own transport, but if you want to save and protect the environment can choose public »»»


 Die Informationen werden in Kürze verfügbar sein »»»